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SocialSmarts - building optimal learning environments through social skills education

The February 2010 issue of Rotarian Magazine features Corinne Gregory and SocialSmarts in the "Up Front" section.  The article is available online on Rotary's website. More info about the program, how it supports The Four-Way Test, or how to sponsor a school, can be found in the general introductory letter. The February 2011 Special Edition Newsletter discusses expanded opportunities for partnership.  You can also email us for more specific information.

Corinne has been speaking to Rotary Clubs all across the country and internationally sharing about the importance of manners and social skills and its relevance to the 4-Way Test. To book Corinne Gregory as a speaker for your Rotary, Corporate, or other event, or to view excerpts of her presentations, please see the Need a Speaker page.

Want a better solution for bullying and other challenges your school may be facing, but can't afford it? We're donating our program to up to 1,000 schools across the country. Contact us to find out if your school qualifies for this life-changing program.


Wonder what a SocialSmarts school looks like? Watch a brief video on SocialSmarts, including actual classroom footage.


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SocialSmarts™ is a series of courses that addresses the need for improved social skills in our young people.  Created by The PoliteChild, the SocialSmarts program offers age-specific curriculum for students from toddlers to teens that teaches not only appropriate and successful behaviors, but also works to build and reinforce the underlying motivations and foundations for those behaviors.

Appropriate and situationally-correct manners are not out-dated. SocialSmarts is designed to have students understand how they should behave, but even more importantly, why it’s important to behave that way, grounding students in such important virtues as respect, compassion, trustworthiness, integrity and more. These are skills and abilities they need not only now, to succeed in the school system, but also beyond school, as they transition to the workplace.

Schools that have implemented the SocialSmarts program have seen benefits that include:

  • Significant improvement in overall academic test scores after even only one year on our program -- as much as 10-13% or more
  • 80% decreases in major disciplinary action over prior year
  • Bullying is virtually eliminated, not just reduced or managed
  • Increased student time-on-task by up to 30-40% as reported by the schools
  • Decreased student absenteeism
  • Improved student, teacher, and administrative staff morale
  • Improvements in the learning environment; students overwhelmingly report they feel “safe” at their schools
  • Improvements in family dynamics and awareness of the importance of good social skills


Comparison of schools using SocialSmarts vs. neighboring schools without SocialSmarts

Even more exciting are findings that show not only a consistent increase in those test scores in all our schools, but that these increases continue year after year while the school has our programs in place!

Check out our online calculator or contact us to see how we can help your school have better behaved students, that are ready and eager to learn, happier teachers, and boost your academic results like never before!

The SocialSmarts social skills curriculum consists of the following three courses, which can be offered singly or in combination.  When all three are implemented in sequence, they can span a typical school-year's worth of instruction.

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