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SocialSmarts' expert, informative, and engaging speakers are available for your conference, parenting meeting, event, or school assembly.  Here are some of our most popular presentations, but we can customize one for your specific needs.  For more information, please fill out and submit the form below:


Click here to see a video testimonial from a recent attendee at the Iowa Library Association's 2011 Annual Confernce about Corinne Gregory's "The Many Faces of Bullying" workshop.

"Our Progress Through People Luncheon was held on a Thursday in August [2010] and featured an attendance of about 100 people, a record for most our luncheons, and it was all because people wanted to hear what Ms. Gregory had to share...I cannot imagine a better speaker to this topic that Ms. Gregory."

Leah Poole, Executive Director
United Way of the Coastal Empire, Liberty County, GA


"A world-class speaker...Thank you for providing an enjoyable and informative series of presentations the public and to over 1,200 students at school assemblies throughout the Mississippi Valley. I knew that the school presentations were effective when I saw the positive way that students responded...I especially want to thank you for being the featured speaker at BiState Literacy Council's Awards Breakfast. Your message on the importance of learning social values in order to have academic success resonated well with tutors and mentors who very often have to work through social issues with students befor accomplishing academic success."

David Layton, CEO
Bi-State Literacy Council Board President

Click on image to see what Frank Crothers, Chairman of Island Corporate Holdings, Ltd. has to say about Corinne Gregory's "Overcoming Failure to Educate"



"Thank you for a very informative seminar.  I really enjoyed your presentation as you have a wonderful speaking style and your information is long overdue. I bought your book as I know your information should be repeated."

Dave Letrondo, AIA, LEED AP, Architect, Studio Meng Strazzara


Schools and Business

  • "7 Steps to Eliminating Bullying in Schools: An Inside-Out Approach" (select presentations for Elementary/Primary or Middle/High School)
    Did you know that every year we spend millions of dollars on anti-bullying programs and initiatives? Yet, our kids today still stand a 1-in-4 chance of being the victim of some form of school-based violence before they reach high school. Find out why traitional approaches aren't working and learn how you can have a school culture built on respect, compassion and consideration where the students are active participants in eliminating bullying.
  • NEW - View the on-demand webinar of "7 Steps to Eliminating Bullying in Schools"


  • The Audacity of an Excellent Education  - NEW!!
    Our education system is at a crisis. Whether it's about the need for smaller classroom sizes, hiring and retaining better qualified teachers and staff, more emphasis on effective teachers, more time spent on academics, charter schools or more, all of this tends to equate to one thing: more funding is at the root of all solutions.  So, if we can't get more funding, does this mean our education system -- and its customers, the students -- are doomed?  NO! It doesn't have to be this way.  Join Corinne Gregory, "The Civil Warrior," as she shows you why schools don't need to be "underfunded" and why sometimes looking at things slightly differently can bring to light solutions that allow us to do more...with whatever level of funding or staffing we have.  All it takes is courage and creativity!

  • Overcoming Failure to Educate 
    "Overcoming Failure to Educate" reveals the many ways in which our educational system is failing our children, what the common underlying thread of failure is, and what changes are needed not only to adequately prepare our youth for their immediate academic success, but even more importantly for the job market beyond school. This presentation has a version tailored for use at Rotary meetings because it incorporates real-world application of Rotary International's 4-Way Test. It’s sure to provide a perspective on this hallmark of Rotary that Rotarians have probably never considered, and one that will leave a lasting impression.

See a video clip  excerpt or read recent feedback on "Failure to Educate."

  • The Cost of Poor Social Skills in Education
    We can all share stories of rude behavior in our society, but have you ever stopped to consider what it is costing us? Ms. Gregory examines the hard and soft cost impact of poor social skills on our educational system and why including social skill reform in our schools is more important than smaller class sizes, more teachers, and eliminating recess in order to maximize academic learning.

For Students

  • Street Smarts or SocialSmarts™
    This presentation is perfect for school assemblies and group meetings where kids learn why they should care about their social skills and abilities. Why good social skills are as important tot their success as academics, and will make everthing else in life come so much more easily to them. This presentation is tailored to the age group of the audience, in order to connect with students and make it relevant and interesting. Always a fun talk, whether for 20 or 2000. Even the grownups are sure to learn something new and be entertained!

  • How Rude!
    Designed for Teens and Preteens, this 40-minute romp is sure to entertain as it puts a humorous spin on common rude behaviors typically exhibited by kids in this age group. Kids get a kick out of seeing mannerisms and habits they have seen in their friends played out by an adult -- and one that supposedly TEACHES manners and etiquette. The relevance of good social skills and manners is taught by bad example, by being the living image of "what not to do."

For Parents

  • Discipline is NOT a Dirty Word
    Next to providing unconditional love, why is discipline the second most important thing in a child's life? And, what kinds of discipline are most effective? Is there a way to teach your child boundaries and limits without going crazy yourself and constantly being negative? Ms. Gregory explains a number of different traditional and modern parenting philosophies and expert opinions (such as Love & Logic, Jerry Wyckhoff's methods, Tough Love, and more) and examines their pros and cons. Learn the secrets of why no parenting methodology works cookbook-style, every time, in every situation.

  • Raising a Mannerly Child in an Unruly World
    The chaos of the world around us can be disheartening to many parents who hope to raise children to be respectful, kind, and courteous. This presentation focuses on the importance and impact of teaching good social skills to our children, and shows you how to create for your child a solid foundation for learning and using good manners their foundations that will last a lifetime. 





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