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Building Young Gentlemen and Ladies

Class Details
Age Group: 10-12
Class Length: 30 mins
Number of Sessions: 2
Min/Max # Students: 8/16

Building Young Gentlemen and Ladies is uniquely designed to teach our young boys and girls the Good Manners needed by today's gentlemen and ladies. This is a split-session course, dedicating two half-hour classes to gender-specific rules of conduct, then bringing both groups together for a one-hour joint session for review and "real life practice." Young gentlemen-in-training will learn the rules for mannerly conduct such as proper handshakes, opening doors, pulling out the chair for a lady at table, taking coats and wraps. Young ladies-to-be will learn such skills as the polite way to sit, how to be assertive without being pushy, and basic poise and grooming. In all classes, respect for the opposite gender will be stressed.

Cost for Building Young Gentlemen and Ladies is payable at registration, and includes all class materials, and a certificate for the student upon graduation.

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