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College Prep Smarts™

Class Details
Age Group: 16+
Class Length: 60 mins
Number of Sessions: 6 (usually once per week)
Min/Max # Students: 8/30

This course builds on the skills and conduct behaviors learned in earlier PoliteChild® courses but is aimed specifically on developing and fine-tuning skills needed by the college-bound teen to succeed both while searching for and attending college or university. Strong social skills at this critical time can lead to distinct advantages in the application process, screening period, and during the student’s college/university career. Generally recommended for older teens in high-school, ideally prior to beginning the application process.

  • Class 1: Why Manners Still Matter

    The differences good social skills can make both while you’re searching and applying for college/university and once you’re there. How having and using good social skills can give you an edge in the competitive world of college application, and continue to benefit you during your college career. Strong social skills lead to success, academically, in relationships, and beyond.
  • Class 2: The Application Process

    What are schools looking for in their students?

    Writing a winning resume and letter of introduction.

    Interviewing Skills: what to wear, first impressions, initial greeting, marketing yourself during the interview, closing and goodbyes, follow-ups.

    Handling acceptance, rejection, and gracefully declining solicitations or “second-choices”.
  • Class 3: Once You’re Off to School

    What are you here to do?

    Setting Goals; follow through – self-discipline and responsibility.

    Respect of others – in class, with faculty/staff, at the library, in the dorms, etc...

    Health/Hygiene - making wise choices - projecting the image you want to project.

    Don’t forget those back at home…
  • Class 4: College Life 101 – The Basics

    How to deal w/money management, laundry, eating out/eating in the cafe constantly, time management, general organizational skills, maintaining life balance.
  • Class 5: College Life 101 – The Challenges

    Integrity, assessing and standing by your values, peer pressure how to say no, how to get out of uncomfortable/dangerous situations (drugs, alcohol, sex), when to go to the authorities or mom/dad, what are your available resources and how to utilize them, etc...
  • Class 6: Dorm Etiquette

    Handling communal living (bathrooms, noise, care for common areas, how to co-exist with several different people you didn’t choose to live with).

    Roommate behavior.

    Dealing with conflicts.

    Setting a good example.

Class fees are due at registration, and includes all class materials, certificate for the student upon graduation. Class size is limited as above to maximize the learning experience for the student.

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