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Eliminating Bullying in Schools

The problem of bullying and cyber bullying in schools has reached epidemic levels.  While we have poured billions of dollars into programs, policies, and even law-making into our schools and communities in an attempt to stem the tide, not enough progress is being made.

Our children today still stand a 1-in-4 chance of being the victims of some form of school-based violence before they reach high school. And, for kids ages 12-18, a full third say they've either been bullied or actually ARE the bully. Over 160,000 students miss school every day nationwide because they are afraid.

We at SocialSmarts are taking an active and visible role in doing what we can to stop this plague in our schools. To that end, if you are a school that wants a proven, effective solution to ending bullying, but don't have the resources to pay for it, contact us. We are donating our program to up to 1,000 schools nationwide.


If our kids aren't safe, if they aren't secure, nothing else we do within Education matters.  The impact of school bullying can be felt in many different ways including...

  • Higher rates of student absenteeism
  • Low student and staff morale
  • Low academic achievement
  • Physical and psychological damage, not just to victims but to all involved



We have many resources available to schools, education professionals, parents and the community. These include...

Schools using our curriculum report bullying in their schools is virtually eliminated, because the students won't stand for that kind of behavior and treatment. And we can also impact cyber bullying by addressing the attitudes and behaviors that lead to cruel and disrespectful treatment in all forms.


If you are looking for help in eliminating bullying -- whether "traditional" types or cyber bullying -- in your school or community, contact us.  We are committed to helping in any and every way we can.  No school will be turned away for lack of funding.  No child or adult deserves to be afraid, intimidated or hurt.


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