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Getting Involved with The PoliteChild

At The PoliteChild® we have an amazing opportunity to truly have an impact on future generations. Just imagine a society where the fundamental values of respect, loyalty, honesty and integrity, of "doing the right thing" are once again valued, admired, and cultivated. The world is a better place when we consider the other people in our communities and in our lives, instead of living a purely "what's in it for me?" existence. This should be true of all facets of our lives: our social interactions, our professional selves, in our free-time, as parents, as members of a community, as participants in school or on the job. It should be how we are not just how we act.

Filled with this vision -- that there "must be a better way," -- we set out to build the sort of organization that practices what it preaches. This includes principles of being uncompromising on integrity and quality in our materials, in our curriculum, in the people in whom we invest, and the people who believe in and support us in return. Kindness, respect, consideration, loyalty, honesty, and doing what's best and what's right must be the criteria by how we work together, and how we live our lives.

There are many ways to get involved, from becoming a participating school, an instructor, a licensed PoliteChild provider, host a PoliteChild class, or even fulfill secondary education's community service hours requirements.

The PoliteChild -- not just a job or a business, but a mission and a way of being. That's how the world gets changed: one child, one parent, one community at a time. It's about making a difference in a lasting, lifelong way for our generation and for those that follow.

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