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The lack of basic social skills will be among the greatest limiting factors in our children’s ability to gain and keep employment. The PoliteChild is strategically positioned to become the de facto solution for regaining lost dollars and efficiency, and increasing academic achievement in the classroom because children are not optimally prepared for learning in a classroom environment today.

The PoliteChild fulfills an urgent need in today’s society. It is clear, from studies, anecdotal evidence, and frankly, from casual observation, that the social skills of today’s youth have deteriorated significantly in the last several decades. No longer do many of our youth say “please” and “thank you”, “you’re welcome” or other basic yet essential socially expected greetings. A generation raised on too much TV, video games, and parents working overtime in two income (or single parent) homes has meant that our youth have not been exposed to even the simplest of socially acceptable behaviors. What these kids know is what they learn at school, or in the school yard, or not at all. In any case, what they have been learning is not going to get them very far, socially, as they grow older. What they have learned on the playground will not be sufficient in the Board Rooms of tomorrow. The growth of the “professional development” and “business etiquette” services are validating this fact already.

In fact, the lack of basic social skills will be among the greatest limiting factors in our children’s ability to gain and keep employment. It is obvious and universally accepted that not being able to read or write is a limiting factor. Equally limiting in today’s society is the ability to carry on a conversation in a socially accepted way, to exhibit even the most basic of manners and behavior, and to understand how to get along well with others. That is the cost to our future.

There is, however, a direct cost to us at present. School administrators will agree that the most pressing concern among teachers and administrators is how to manage increasing class sizes, including the disciplinary problems that go with it, and still be able to teach the basic courses. Studies have shown that as much as 40% of class time is spent dealing with issues of behavior not directly related to the curriculum. The cost to all of us from the efficiency loss of our teachers and other educators is staggering. Teachers already do not have enough time to teach the things our children need to learn, and this problem is made even worse with the mandates placed on schools through the “No Child Left Behind” legislation.

The PoliteChild model has been shown to directly return a significant portion of the class time back to teachers by reducing their need to focus on discipline or to deal with an unruly student or students. There is a validated direct link between The PoliteChild programs and classroom efficiency, demonstrating an important value proposition in direct dollars saved or redirected to other needs.

Fortunately, this direct link between behavior as a limiting factor in classes is being recognized, and the new “hot market” in education is in anti-bullying programs and social skills. Billions of dollars are presently spent annually on bullying-remediation programs, but these programs rarely offer much in the way of prevention. The PoliteChild is clearly in a position to capture a significant market share in this new and potentially explosive market as schools struggle to solve socialization and discipline issues.

The PoliteChild is presently seeking individual investors interested in being part of a lasting change in our communities by helping put “‘civil’ back into ‘civilization’.”™

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