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Class Details
Age Group: 16+
Class Length: 60 mins
Number of Sessions: 6 (usually once per week)
Min/Max # Students: 8/30

Course Description: This class for teens further develops social skills and conduct expertise gained during earlier PoliteChild courses, but is designed to prepare the teen for the job market. Whether a teen is seeking a part time position during high school/college or is looking to become full-time employed after school, this course will assist in honing skills that will make the search process and employment easier and more effective for both student and employer.

  • Class 1: Why Social Skills at Work?

    The differences good social skills can make both during job search process and on the job. How having and using good social skills can give you an advantage while you’re trying to get a job and once you are hired.
  • Class 2: A Picture of a Good Employee

    The Power of First Impressions.

    Qualities of a good worker.

    Manners matter at the work place.

    Honesty and integrity - w/company time, benefits, perks, etc...

    RESPECT - for the company, managers, co-workers, customers, mission of the company.
  • Class 3: Tools for the Search

    Resume writing.

    Dressing for the interview.

    Interviewing skills – initial greeting, selling yourself; turning "negatives" into positives.

    Follow ups.
  • Class 4: On the Job


    How to handle sicknesses or absences.

    Managing Breaks/Lunches at work.

    Appropriate attire for the workplace.

    Handling friends or relatives when they visit your work place.
  • Class 5: Relationships at Work

    Customer Relations - dealing w/difficult customers, being pleasant, anticipating needs, service w/a smile.

    Employee relationships; including co-workers, romances on the job.

    Dealing with supervisors and management.

    Issues of sexual harassment.

    Leaving your job: how to handle your resignation or termination.
  • Class 6: Basic Business Communications

    Verbal/Nonverbal communication.

    Phone manners.

    Dealing w/internal gossip.

    Email & written communication w/in the company.

Class fees are due at registration, and includes all class materials, certificate for the student upon graduation. Class size is limited as above to maximize the learning experience for the student.

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