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Join the PoliteChildĀ® Member Organization Network of Schools

Schools, community, and services organizations are some of our most valuable partners in our mission of increasing students' success through improved social skills! Implementing a PoliteChild program in a class, school, or district has made dramatic positive changes in both individual students and learning environment overall. See and hear what educators, students, and parents are saying about PoliteChild programs in their schools.

Our network of participating organizations is growing rapidly and broadly. We include both private and public schools and districts in our list of participating organizations. Add your school or organization to our list of participating schools.

Benefits – For Schools

Whether our programs are offered as an extracurricular activity or as part of core curriculum, schools benefit strongly from our effective, age-appropriate courses.

As part of our Member Organization Network, schools can expect…

  • Increases in academic performance and test scores.  Every school that has implemented our courses has shown significant improvements in academic achievement -- in some cases, as much as a 20 point increase in assessment areas even in the first year.
  • Decreases in the amount of time dedicated by teachers and administrators dealing with disruptive and anti-social behavior, and corresponding increases in the time available for and effectiveness in academic instruction.
  • A more cooperative learning environment resulting from an increased awareness and practice of good behaviors by participating students. This leads to increases in student attendance, and improved teacher, staff, and student morale.
  • Visible, public recognition as a partner committed to good charadter and proper conduct through official permission to use our logos on marketing materials, display banners, promotional materials, links on the PoliteChild website, mention in press releases, and more.
  • Competitive advantage over schools who do not make an open declaration to the value and enforcement of proper conduct and the development of excellent social skills
  • Assistance with acquiring funding from grants or other sources in conjunction with educational mandates and policies such as the Federal "No Child Left Behind" Act.

In addition, member organizations are given advance notice of new classes and the first opportunity to offer them, first choice of dates, times, and instructors for on-going courses or new sessions of courses previously offered.

Member organizations will also be included in our distribution of regular newsletters, support of their programs and classes through our organization, registration and enrollment assistance as needed, access to course evaluation information, marketing or promotional assistance, and more.

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Our Results

The PoliteChild courses have been getting stellar feedback from parents, educators, and students alike since we’ve been conducting our classes. We have an over-95% satisfaction rate (based on self-reports and evaluations), and most report seeing immediate improvements in student respect, consideration, and overall behavior.

Here are some of the positive results schools that have implemented PoliteChild are seeing as a result of our programs…

  • 80% decreases in major disciplinary action over prior year
  • Improved student time on task – up to 30-40% as reported by the schools
  • Improved student, teacher, and administrative staff morale
  • Improvements in the learning environment; students overwhelmingly report they feel “safe” at their schools
  • Improvements in family dynamics and awareness of the importance of good social skills
  • …and now, 10-13% improvement in overall academic test scores after one year on our program

The schools we’re talking here about are typical of what we see in our country: racially and economically diverse, with a high proportion of students in free or subsidized lunch programs and participating in ESL.

See and read for yourself comments from educators, administrators, parents, and kids. Then, contact us to start a PoliteChild culture in your school!

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Services Offered

We offer a number of different services and options designed to fit the needs of any size school, district, or other large organization. Among the services we offer are ...

  • Curriculum planning and tailoring assistance (as necessary) for our list of courses.
  • Training programs delivered at your location for teachers designated to deliver the courses.
  • "Train the trainer" programs that allow teachers who have gone through these programs to teach other instructors within the same school, or beyond.
  • Special pricing models including authorized licensing of our curriculum and materials to allow for a quick, single-source educational program, geared for affordable implementation for entire classes, grades, schools, or districts.
  • Assistance with including specific program information into Federal, municipal, and private grant programs, especially in conjunction with No Child Left Behind.

We are also in the process of creating a new facility for linking our member organizations to provide a powerful new method for sharing information and benefiting from the experience of other members.

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Class Choices

While any of our courses are appropriate for implementation on a class, school, or broader basis, typical classes that schools are implementing or are interested in bringing in are:

  • SocialSmarts™ (our standard introductory class that every student attends before they are eligible for further classes – we want everyone to know the basics and be on a level playing field.)
  • Exploring the Virtues™ (I or II or both)
  • CollegePrepSmarts™
  • JobSmarts™
  • Intermediate Dining and Table Manners (in conjunction with a meal served at a local restaurant or hotel)

The combination of SocialSmarts and Exploring the Virtues courses cover a typical school year by offering approximately 30 weeks of lesson plans.

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How We Deliver our Programs

Our courses are delivered in several ways including:

  • Through stand-alone, traditional instructor-led training where PoliteChild staffs the classes and comes to schools (public or private) as extracurricular or as part of core curriculum;
  • Through a licensing program where the school or district licenses the curriculum and materials, usually on a per-student basis and PoliteChild trains school or district teachers to deliver the program to their students ;
  • Through third-party licensees or other organizations that have contracted with The PoliteChild to deliver our courses;

Our “train the trainer” program is available for those organizations that prefer or require their staff to teach the course to its members. Our trainers come on-site to the school or district location and train the teachers to deliver the program.

The licensing option is especially attractive because it allows teachers to fully integrate the program as part of their lesson plans, not just offer it once a week as The PoliteChild typically does in instructor-led classes.

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Given the wide variety of our clients' needs and budgets, we have designed our programs to be flexible enough to accommodate unique requirements and even the strictest budget. Our program costs vary, depending on a number of factors. But, they fall in two broad, but general categories:

  • Private extra-curriculars where the PoliteChild provides all the training resources, marketing, and delivery ranges Prices shown in our more detailed class descriptions apply to these types of classes. All materials are included in every PoliteChild/Teen course fee.
  • Wider-implementation classes intended for entire classes, schools, organizations, or districts. For these classes, we offer a variety of flexible price options including licensing programs where the organization receives master document sets intended for reproduction and distribution to its students and parents, provides the actual instruction, and promotes the courses to its student base and their families.

    Given that each organization is different and has a unique set of needs, we tailor our pricing based on the following general variables:
    • Number of students/locations
    • Number and type of classes
    • Who is doing the teaching (PoliteChild or organization's instructors)
    • Who provides material to students (PoliteChild or organization)
    • Type of organization (for-profit or not-for-profit)
    • Planned length of contract period

Repeated reports showing the average number of hours or typical percentage of time lost in-class due to the increasing need to manage conduct and behavior. Schools need to take charge in improving students' social skills and character in order to maximize the learning opportunities in an age of strict budgets. And, the mandates of No Child Left Behind make the issue of lost academic time a serious concern.

Contact us today to see how we can help you regain half of that lost time -- or more!

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How to Get Started

Contact us for more information and a membership prospectus.

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