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Unspent Current Year Title I Funds Prove Good Investment Method for PoliteChild® Programs


Palm Desert, Calif. – January 30, 2006 – The PoliteChild announced that an increasing number of schools are looking at current-year Title I funds as a way to implement the Company’s top-notch products in future academic years.

Cash-strapped schools and school districts are always looking for ways to pay for PoliteChild programs. Many schools which rely on Title I funding – stemming from No Child Left Behind – to finance many of their academic programs are using unallocated or unspent dollars to invest in PoliteChild programs for the coming academic year. Title I funds are allocated and awarded on a yearly basis. If the funds that have been allocated for the year are not fully used, not only does the school lose them for that year, but the amount of funds allocated for next year are reduced by that amount. So, not fully using Title I funds can become a double-whammy for cash-strapped schools.

“While the benefits of PoliteChild more than justify the cost of the program, regardless of how reasonable the cost may be, schools are continually forced to scrape together money for any new endeavor,” said PoliteChild President and Founder, Corinne Gregory. “But, as they say, ‘Timing is everything,’ and schools are coming up on a window that can be used to their advantage, if they are aware of it, to bring in PoliteChild courses.”

What schools have done in years past is to use “left-over” Title I money now to pay for next year’s PoliteChild programs. The school can make the investment now, to lock in current year’s course pricing and get teacher training and materials on the schedule for next Fall. It’s an effective way to get a jump on bringing PoliteChild into the school by using the money available now to pay for part or all of PoliteChild programs for later.

The SocialSmarts course is one of several courses appropriate for implementation in public and private schools. While many schools offer PoliteChild courses as after-school classes, the programs are increasingly being adopted as part of core curriculum because of the significant changes these courses make in school environment, reductions in discipline issues, increases in student time-on-task, gains in academic test scores and achievement, and improvements in teacher and staff morale. These positive changes are critical to schools as they work to comply with performance goals mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act, as well as reduce or prevent bullying and other behavioral issues affecting students, teachers, and staff.

For most schools, the deadline for using Title I funds is the end of March. Individual schools or district may have a different deadline, so schools that are interested in leveraging current year’s Title I monies should check with their Title I administrator or coordinator.

About The PoliteChild, Inc. The PoliteChild is the leading program dedicated to developing excellent social skills in children of all ages — from toddlers to teens — by building solid foundations for learning and using proper social behavior, developing good moral character, manners and etiquette through its licensed curricula and managed classes. The goal of The PoliteChild is to help parents, educators, and others develop young people with strong self-esteem and confidence, and that are socially comfortable and proficient in handling a large variety of social interactions and situations. The company is headquartered in Woodinville, WA, with a second main office in Palm Desert, CA. For more about The PoliteChild, visit the company website at

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