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 Vol IV, No 06
June/July 2005 

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1. Manners not on Vacation

2. Upcoming Teacher Training!

3. Teacher Training Products

4.Classroom Management Course - Part I - - Completed

5. Licensee Training

6. Featured Licensee - Ana Maria Caballero - and Yogana!

7. PoliteChild in the News

8. What do you want to know?

President’s Corner – Manners not on Vacation

Dear PoliteChild family, supporters, and friends:

Just because the kids are on vacation, doesn’t mean their social skills should be.

While summer vacation is a time to kick back and take a break from formal schooling, we don’t want this “time off” to lead to our children completely forgetting what they have learned in the past school year. With so much emphasis on academics, it’s natural that we parents try to make sure our kids are still reading, doing math, maybe even working on science projects so that they don’t backslide too much during the long, lazy days of summer.

Where so many children are now getting social skills education in the school system (many of them through The PoliteChild programs!), we run a similar risk of having their manners and overall level of behavior deteriorate in the summer. Just like any skill that’s not practiced, social skills can erode if there isn’t consistent, continual reinforcement.

So, while summer is certainly a time to be more relaxed, to take a break from the “regular” routine, we don’t want our kids’ manners to check out for the summer! Like we say “Good Manners are not just for fancy times – they’re for all times.”

And, since it’s been proven that good social skills are a major factor in academic success, now’s the perfect time to work on some of those good old-fashioned virtues that will be so helpful in building successful, self-confident kids: responsibility, accountability, self-discipline, self-control, trustworthiness…and a whole bunch more.

If you have any comments about this month’s Corner, a topic in the PoliteTimes or something else you’ve read or seen, please email me at corinneg@politechild.com. Until next month, stay safe, and stay kind.

Corinne Gregory, President & Founder



  Upcoming Teacher Training!


Well, here we are, just at the end of July and we’re already thinking about the start of the 2005-2006 school year! We have another teacher training coming up – this time for Desert Sands Unified School District.

The next class to be held will be open to a few extra teachers and is scheduled to be held Thursday, August 25th, at Van Buren Elementary School in Indio, CA. This will be a SocialSmarts for GradeSchoolers training session and runs from 8:30am to approximately 3:00pm.

For more information on spaces that may be available for this training, please contact the PoliteChild Southwest Regional Office at 760.772.8886 or by email at info@politechild.com. Spaces are limited and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. We’d love to have you join us!



 Teacher Training Products


Well, we now have our new teacher training product -- the SocialSmarts for Gradeschoolers DVD – available for purchase directly from our website!

While we do still take email and phone orders for this product, we thought we’d make it easy for anyone who wanted instant access to our products to order the DVD Instructor set directly through the PoliteChild Store. And, it’s the featured product on our home page!

To see exactly what it is you get, and to order the full 4-DVD Instructor program, go to http://www.politechild.com/store/storemain.htm. You’ll be able to add this new tool to your shopping cart, along with our popular “got manners?” T-Shirts, “PoliteChild on Board ” stickers, and more…



 Classroom Management Course – Part I -- Completed

In our May 2005 newsletter, we announced our joint effort with the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (www.abcte.org) to develop a series of Classroom Management courses for new teachers as part of their “Passport to Teaching ” program.

Well, we’re happy to announce that Part I of this course, based on SocialSmarts for Gradeschoolers has been completed and is slated for beta testing and imminent release!

This distance-learning course will be offered on DVD along with supplementary materials through ABCTE’s website. For more information on the course, or how you can get involved, contact us at info@politechild.com or ABCTE at acampanella@abcte.org.



 Licensee Training

Are you eager to get started on one of the hottest child-education opportunities in the market today? Well, we’re getting ready to offer our next licensee training.

We just completed our latest licensee training in the Southwest Region. Our newest licensees participated in curriculum training, “how to” sessions on developing and building their new PoliteChild-affiliated businesses, networking and marketing, and more. Licensees even had the opportunity to view classes in action, which is a terrific way for them to see what a “real” class looks like!

Our next training will be taking place in mid-September; specific dates to be determined, and, we may offer a second training at that time, depending on regional demand. We want to make sure our newest affiliates are ready to participate in the busy back-to-school rush! And, given PoliteChild’s positive effects on student test scores, it’s clear that PoliteChild courses can do a lot to improve grades and academic achievement, not just behavior!

If you’re interested in joining our growing list of Authorized PoliteChild affiliates contact us at info@politechild.com or by phone at 866.485.4089. We’re especially interested in finding providers the following areas:

     • Greater Los Angeles, CA and Orange County
     • Greater Portland, OR
     • San Francisco Bay Area
     • Northeast US
     • Mid-Atlantic
     • Texas

…where we’ve already had a lot of inquiries from parents and schools.



  Featured Licensee – Ana Maria Caballero and Yogana!


A few months after Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida with its Category 4 winds, my husband, three children and I left our home in Colombia and moved to Miami, FL. I must admit that I was as shocked by the toppled trees and houses as I was by the manners (or lack thereof) displayed by my children’s friends. Without exaggerating too much, my husband used to compare the sound of a 747 jet taking off to the sound of one of my son’s closest friends chewing a piece of chicken.

Funny talk aside though, I felt sincerely concerned about what these children’s pervasive lack of manners meant for their futures, both on a personal and business level. But, I bit my lip as best I could back then, knowing it simply was not my place to intervene.

With my children away at school, I was able to place these concerns out of mind and, thankfully, out of sight. Until, that is, I read an article in Time Magazine about The PoliteChild.

Immediately, I knew that joining The PoliteChild in its efforts to teach children the social skills so crucial to success was not only the perfect way to exorcize my years of lip-biting but also, more importantly, a terrific way for me to make a difference in my neighborhood.

I cannot wait to get my PoliteChild license up and running, especially because I plan to offer my SocialSmarts™ courses to children to whom I also hope to teach yoga. Yes, I was recently certified to teach yoga to children (as well as adults) and have set up a yoga studio. This way, I can hopefully equip kids with the means with which to be healthy, relaxed, and, of course, well-mannered.



 PoliteChild in the News


Summer is usually our slower time in the media, and this year is no different. However, the June 2005 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine has generated a lot of traffic…

Additionally, we’ve had appearances in the July 14th Bloomberg News, "Environment Linked to Social Aggression." You can read the entire article here: http://www.politechild.com/documents/ATT00586.htm

And, on July 20th, President and Founder Corinne Gregory was a guest on the KWXY radio program, “VJ’s Corner” with host V.J. Hume.


 What do you want to know?


Every month, The PoliteTimes gains more readers and a broader audience, we’re continually striving to give you information, news and tips for our newsletters that are interesting and relevant.

Do you have something you’d like to see us cover or have a question you’d like us to answer (privately or through our newsletter)? If so, contact us at info@politechild.com or by phone at 866.485.4089!

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