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 Vol IV, No 01
January 2005 

In This Issue

1. President's Corner

2. First "Train the Teacher" DVD now available

3. New Class - Coming Soon

4. Next Licensee Training

5. Parenting Tip of the Month: Preparing for Valentine's Day

6. PoliteChild in the Press

7. Feedback Wanted

President’s Corner – Starting off the New Year Right

Dear PoliteChild family, supporters, and friends:

There was a story in a local paper just in the past few days about how one school had declared January 24th a day where none of the students would talk down to or bad about other classmates. It was a “put-down free” zone for one day.

It sounds like a good plan, in concept, but you have to consider the deeper implications. For one day, we’re asking students to stop exhibiting a negative behavior. But, does that mean that the rest of the year this behavior is somehow more ok or to be tolerated? And, what are we failing to teach our kids in the home or in the community that makes it necessary to declare the social equivalent of “The Great American Smokeout?”

We need to focus on instilling in our children those values that prevent this type of negative expression. They clearly aren’t internalizing the concepts of Kindness, Consideration, and The Golden Rule. Ask your child: how would you feel if someone called you “Dumbo” or “Dork” or any of the other anti-social labels kids like to fling at one another. If they tell you, “Aw, Mom, it’s just a joke…” explore with them how “fun” it really is to be called names or to be made the brunt of a joke.

This may seem trivial, but name-calling and put-downs are the beginning of other disrespectful behaviors. And we’re surrounded by these incidents in the media, in our homes, in our communities. What passes for comedy these days is frequently a never-ending string of put-downs and denigrations to the accompaniment of a laugh-track. We have become insensitive to this instinctive form of disrespect; it’s no wonder our kids are acting out what they see around them.

New Year’s is all about fresh starts and New Year’s Resolutions. In January, we also focus on equality for all as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed. Maybe this year each of us can make one simple resolution that could make a major difference in our lives and how we relate to one another. Let’s resolve to say one less put-down each day; even if we don’t regularly engage in that kind of talk, it’s amazing what “slips out” when we’re not vigilant. And, let’s make an effort to say one kind word each day to someone important in our lives: our parents, our friends, maybe even someone we just meet casually. Take away a negative behavior and substitute it with a positive one is the best way to succeed when you’re trying to change behaviors.

And, if I haven’t said it to you, our readers and friends, I really appreciate the encouragement and support you always give us. I welcome your comments, as usual, at corinneg@politechild.com.

Corinne Gregory, President & Founder


   First "Train the Teacher" DVD Available

First “Train the Teacher” DVD Now Available

We’re very excited to announce our first “Train the Teacher” program is available for purchase on DVD.

This first product is based on the Company’s introductory SocialSmarts™ for GradeSchoolers course. The DVD contains the entire 6-hour session, but it is organized in such a way that training can be broken up lesson-by-lesson to allow for flexibility with how often and/or how long each training session lasts.

Before the creation of this first product, teacher training was offered only as traditional on-site instructor-led training to schools who had licensed the PoliteChild programs and materials for its students. Now The PoliteChild will be able to better serve the increasing demand we are seeing for our training and licensed curriculum.

While we don’t see this completing replacing instructor-led training (after all, handling things like Q&A are still best done face-to-face!), it will be an alternative for schools and organizations who may not always be able to accommodate the scheduling challenges substitutes or in-service days present. And, by having the training on DVD, it allows for larger audiences than might be able to attend at a typical school or district if only instructor-led training were available to them.

The DVD and accompanying materials are priced on a tiered scale, based on the number of licenses and sets of materials needed. For more information on the DVD or to order your copy, please contact us at 866.485.4089 or info@politechild.com.


 New Class Coming Soon!

New Class – Coming Soon!

More news! At the request of a Palm Desert region Country Club, we are developing a new PoliteChild course designed to help kids succeed in the often-tricky environment of the private (or semi-private) Country Club. More and more, kids are finding themselves in social situations that they may not be completely comfortable in, and, in keeping with our goal of developing socially adept, socially comfortable kids, we will be offering this class, tentatively called “ClubSmarts™” this Spring.

Topics covered in this course will include appropriate dress for the informal/regular club facilities, meeting and greeting, club rules, how to treat club staff and others with courtesy and style, and table manners. While most clubs do operate with a basic set of rules and regulations in common, the course will be designed to be tailored to address any specific policies or conventions unique to them.
ClubSmarts will be available as private PoliteChild-led classes, through company-based instructors and authorized PoliteChild providers (our Licensees). If you’d like to host a ClubSmarts course at your country club, please contact us by email at info@politechild.com or by phone at 866.485.4089.


 Next Licensee Training

Next Licensee Training

It’s that time again! Time for our next scheduled PoliteChild Licensee training. This next training session will be held in the Southwest Region in Palm Desert, Feb 9-11.
Our licensee training covers topics important for starting and developing a PoliteChild business of your own: including a detailed walk-thru of our SocialSmarts™ for GradeSchoolers course, marketing and prospecting for clients, how to grow your PoliteChild business and expand your territories as appropriate.

We presently have two spots left for this training, but the timeframe for processing applications is rapidly dwindling. If you’re interested in joining our growing list of authorized PoliteChild affiliates across the nation, contact us at info@politechild.com or by phone at 866.485.4089. We’re especially interested in finding providers in the Portland, OR area, as well as in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, and Texas, where we’ve had a lot of inquiries from parents and schools.

Now’s a great time to join us, and the weather in the Desert couldn’t be better! Be a part of our mission and build a satisfying, rewarding business!

Parenting Tip of the Month: Preparing for Valentine's Day

Parenting Tip of the Month: Preparing for Valentine’s Day

Have you noticed that no sooner had we put the winter holiday decorations away that wall-to-wall hearts and cupids had replaced them? Yes, indeed: Valentine’s Day is on the way.

And, while hearts and flowers and love is the predominant message conveyed, Valentine’s Day can be fraught with broken hearts, too, if the holiday isn’t treated with care. No doubt we all have felt the sting of not getting a Valentine card from a special someone? Or, when our best friend decides overnight that they no longer want to have anything to do with us? Valentine’s Day is a very public opportunity to experience rejection, which makes that rejection even harder to deal with.

This is a perfect time to exercise the Golden Rule – “Treat others the way you want them to treat you.” This Valentine’s Day, have your child consider his or her classmates when getting Valentine’s cards ready for passing out. Talk with your child about the importance of including everyone – that everyone is special and has value. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about showing love, and you can discuss with your child how showing even a little extra kindness and consideration can make someone feel special and make their day.

Again, use the Golden Rule to reflect back to your child how showing this extra caring is part of how we should treat everyone, not just on this “day of love” but everyday. Maybe you can also make a special effort to send “love” to someone who might not ordinarily get it, by “adopting” an elderly person in a nursing. There are many ways to connect with people who are lonely and alone; you can start with your church or synagogue, or maybe a local senior center or convalescent home. Encourage creativity in your child and you might be surprised with what he or she comes up with!


  PoliteChild in the Press

PoliteChild in the Press

We started 2005 off with a media bang: January 2nd saw a rebroadcast of a radio interview Corinne Gregory, President and Founder, did back in Spring of 2004. This interview was done for the Sandusky Radio Group, and was aired in the Seattle market on stations such as Smooth Jazz, KLXY. We got a lot of response and inquiries from that interview, so clearly the message of the importance of social skills is relevant and resonating with listeners!

Other “appearances” we’ve had this month or are up-and-coming:

Palm Beach Post – The PoliteChild was asked to comment on how some schools and districts in Florida are paying their students for exhibiting appropriate conduct, getting their homework completed on time, and other behaviors that should be part of the expected norm. This should be a controversial story when it comes out, likely later this month.

San Jose Mecury News – coming soon; we still don’t yet have a publication date.

We hope that Entrepreneur Magazine will appear sometime this year


  Feedback Wanted

Are We Meeting Your Needs?

Our readership continues to increase every month. But, we’re always working to come up with information for our newsletters that is interesting and relevant to you our readers. If you have something you’d like to see us cover or have a question you’d like us to answer (privately or through our newsletter) contact us at info@politechild.com or by phone at 866.485.4089!

We always like to hear from you and value your input!


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