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The Polite Press
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 Vol II, No 8
October 2003 

In This Issue

1. President's Corner
2. Video Testimonials from CA School
3. November Seattle’s Child and other United Parenting Press Publications
4. Fax Number Correction
5. Tips for a Happier Halloween
6. “Could you build something custom for us?”
7. Wanted: Educator’s Biggest Issues

President's Corner

Dear PoliteChild family, supporters, and friends:

Hard to believe we’re here at the end of October already. Where has this month (and YEAR?) gone? This is the beginning of “birthday season” at our house, and recent party was the inspiration for this month’s “Corner.”

At my daughter’s birthday party this weekend, we were hosting a small crowd of first and third graders (plus a smattering of pre-schoolers) – all girls. At one point, I was surrounded by thirsty party-goers who were all reaching their empty glasses in my general direction, asking for more (picture the scene from “Oliver” at the orphanage during dinner, with all those hungry urchins begging for food). I was refilling the first cup when behind me I heard “May I, please, have some more punch, too?” I turned to the young girl and said, “Well, of course you may. Especially since you asked so nicely. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are very important in our house.” (Poor little creatures…they didn’t know they were partying at “Manners Manor!”)

Well, wouldn’t you know it, in the next minute, all of those girls were using pleases and thank yous, and for the rest of the party, the conduct was downright inspiring! Imagine what an impact one comment to these girls about the sort of behavior that was expected made? And, it was specific, so there was no ambiguity about what “be on your best behavior” meant. I said it very simply; please and thank you were important words to use in this house. And, the girls got it: “If you want something, remember to use please and thank you!”

Which makes me think: how often are we that specific with our kids when we want them to do something? I know we’re all very good at saying “don’t do this” or “I’ve told you that’s not where to put your backpack and coat.” And, we all get sick of being so negative. Well, taking a lesson from the Orient, where there’s a Ying, there’s a Yang, so a negative has its equal and opposite positive. So, instead of saying where something doesn’t go, let’s focus on the positive – where does it go, and what do we expect our children to do with it? Instead of criticizing when it’s done wrong, let’s praise when it’s done right!

I’ll just bet that those two little tools – be specific about what courteous behavior we want, and praise when it’s done correctly – will make a huge difference in the atmosphere in your home (not to say anything about your nerves).

We all know that anger can beget more anger, which continues to fuel the fire. Let’s see if we can get our own type of “fire” going – one that warms instead of burns – and see how quickly we can get it to “catch.”

As always, you can reach me at corinneg@politechild.com with your feedback and comments.

Corinne Gregory
President and Founder, The PoliteChild, Inc.



  Video Testimonials from CA School

If you are wondering what impact PoliteChild can make in your school, take a peek at these two video clips. They are live interviews from KMIR-TV in Palm Desert where a public elementary school principal, some parents, and students were asked about what they thought of the PoliteChild program and what difference it was making.

You can view these clips in several formats for both Windows and Mac formats at
http://www.politechild.com/rss-quotes.htm. Jump down to the section entitled “As reported in the media…” and you’ll see the links for the clips.


 November Seattle’s Child and other United Parenting Press Publications

Speaking of the media, check out the feature article in Seattle’s Child. We did an interview for United Parenting Publications a couple of months back, and we understand the November issue is going to be IT! United Parenting Publications produces 28 other regional magazines for parents, which are available at local libraries, schools, and other family-friendly locations. Since the feature article is the one we were interviewed for, it’s likely you’ll see mention of PoliteChild in some of the other regional issues – Bay Area Parent is one – but at the time, United wasn’t able to give us specifics on which regionals would cover us. But, we’d love it if you’d check out your local issue and let us know if you find us in it!

You can see if your area has one of these publications by going to the publisher’s web site at http://parenthood.com/ and selecting your city at the “Go Local” sidebar.


 Fax Number Correction

In last month’s “Press” we reported that our offices had moved. In that notice, we mistakenly gave you the wrong fax number. Here is our address and phone information again, just to be complete:

16818 140th Ave. NE, Suite C
Woodinville, WA 98072
866.485.4089 (toll-free, outside of WA)
425.483.6410 (fax)

Sorry about the confusion this may have caused.


  Tips for a Happier Halloween

We ran this column in last year’s “Press” and it received a lot of positive feedback. So, just in time for Trick or Treat, we thought we’d re-run it as a reminder for having a safe and positive trick or treating time.

Travel in Groups - Go trick or treating with some neighbors or friends, and take an adult or two with you.
Stay Visible and Watch for Cars - Some costumes can be difficult for drivers to see. Carry a flashlight or glow stick, or wear reflective sneakers.
Be Polite to Your Neighbors - Make a good impression at the homes you visit.
Remember to Say "Thank You" - Show your appreciation for the treats you have received.
Patiently Wait Your Turn – Don’t push in front of people to get to the door. Remember, there are plenty of treats for everyone! And, look out for those little goblins, too, who may be less steady on their feet than you…especially in an unfamiliar costume!
Don’t be Greedy! – When offered a bowl of candy at the door, please only take one candy – or at most two if it is offered to you. It’s not polite to grab a handful – leave some for others!


  “Could you build something custom for us?”

As you look through our classes, you may discover that what we offer as a standard program may not fit your needs perfectly. So, what do you do? Well, if you’re parents from Phantom Lake, Cherry Crest, and Spiritridge Elementary schools in Bellevue, WA, you ask to see if PoliteChild can build you something that custom-fits your needs.

That’s exactly what we have done. Create a custom curriculum that incorporates multiple classes that we offer, price it so that it’s at a significant discount (in recognition of the effort the school parents are making), provide it once every two weeks on a Friday night, time it so it can culminate in a Graduation Spring Fling – and you have the Friday Night SocialSmarts™ Club!

You can see their special curriculum and how it works for them at http://www.politechild.com./classes/classes_location_WA.htm.


  Wanted: Educator’s Biggest Issues

We’ve recently begun our first-ever marketing campaign to a select number of schools across the country and one of the things we are asking is what the biggest challenges or issues of greatest concern that school principals, teachers, and district administrators are facing.
So far, we have on our list:

Student Success
Parent Involvement
No Child Left Behind (generally, everyone we ask hates this legislation!)

We have plenty of educators on our mailing list and we’d like to hear from you – what are YOUR biggest challenges and what are you presently doing about them (if there’s anything you can do)? Write us at info@politechild.com and let us know.


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