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Vol 2, No. 1, Page 1
January 2003

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Wanted: A Few More Teens and ‘Tweens
We still have room for a few more students in our January Teen Advantage and ‘Tweens Advantage classes. Part of the “magic” of how these classes work is by putting together a class of at least 10-12 kids of similar ages. Since this class is so interactive, it benefits the students to be able to share from a substantial list of current events and to address situations peers are encountering.

Our Teens and ‘Tweens Advantage courses begin Thursday January 23. The classes will be held at the Bothell First Lutheran Church, on the following schedule:

  ‘Tween Advantage will meet for 8 1-hour sessions once a week, 5:30-6:30pm.

  Teen Advantage will meet for 4 2-hour sessions once a week, 7:00-9:00pm.

Course fees are $165 for the ‘Tween class and $195 for the Teen class. These fees cover the cost of all the materials in the course, including interactive study aids, course workbook and parents guide, and the cost of the graduation tea, certificate, and special graduation gift.

To register for the class, or for more information, please visit our website or call us at 425.844.9711. Class details can be found by accessing our new schedule page (see article below) and clicking on the link for Teen or ‘Tween Advantage under “Class.”

Our Member Organizations
  Evergreen Academy - Bothell

  Evergreen Academy – Woodinville
  The Learning Garden - Bellevue
  The Learning Garden – Bothell
  Northshore YMCA
  Chestnut Hill Academy
  The Meridian School
  Bellevue Family YMCA
  Woodinville Montessori
  Lake Forest Park Montessori
  The Brighton School

...and more coming soon!

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Our New Class Schedule – Easier to Use!

As the list of classes and locations where our program is offered grows, we’ve had to make a major change in how we present this information on our website. Our goal is to make finding an appropriate class easy and to give you one-click access to class details. As a result, we’ve created a new table format for listing our class information. Just as an example, we have over 20 classes starting in January and February alone!

You can find this new page at: http://www.politechild.com/classes/classes_location.htm. Take a look at let us know what you think! We’d appreciate the feedback.

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