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The Polite Press
Volume 1, No. 3, Page 1
December 2002

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How to Have a Happier Holiday Season!
The Greatest Gift – This holiday season, remember that the greatest gifts we can give are our time, our caring, and our tolerance. Make it a point to share a smile, a laugh, or a word of kindness to someone each day during this special time. You’ll find that this is a gift that KEEPS on giving and will not be forgotten!

Gracious Giving – What makes a gift really special? The thought that goes into it! Before opting for another routine necktie for dad, or some perfume for Grandpa, have your child spend a few moments thinking about what the recipient really likes. It doesn’t matter if the gift costs $.25 or $25.00; if it comes from the heart, and if it’s truly selected with that person in mind, it’s value will be much greater than a present given without consideration.
…and Getting – Instead of having your child wildly rip and tear one present open after another without even a pause to acknowledge the gift, practice this tip with your child in advance of the gift affair: after the gift is opened, have your child stop, look the giver in the eye, and say “Thank you” as though this was the one and only gift they were getting all year. I will make the giver truly feel as though theirs is appreciated!
Don’t forget the thank you notes! – For gifts given by and/or opened from someone not present at the time, thank you notes are mandatory! Even toddlers can be expected to create a thank you note – just let them color a card or picture with crayons or add fun with stickers. Mom or dad can add the words. Older children can dictate a thank you note, or write a brief phrase or two, depending on age naturally. And, for a personal touch, it’s always nice to say something about how the gift will be used or what’s special about it – even if it ISN’T the perfect gift in the child’s eyes.
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More on imperfect gifts
To avoid potential gift-day disasters, coach your child on ways to accept gifts graciously. If your daugher receives a Barbie when everyone knows she wanted BratZ, she doesn’t need to say so! She can still be kind and appreciate the giver’s time, thought, and effort by saying “thank you.” That’s it…all that’s required. Or, if your son gets a set of sneakers two sizes too small, he only needs to acknowledge the gift with his “thank you so much – I always wanted a pair like these” – and let mom or dad handle the exchange after-the-fact. Again, this may take some practice, but encourage your child to think of the giver’s point of view in accepting a gift.
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