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The Polite Press
Volume 1, No. 2, Page 1
November 2002

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Polish up your Holiday Manners
Many of the Holiday occasions were made for adults, and others for children. However, many kids are emotionally ill-equipped to handle the parties, the gift-giving, and time spent with adult friends and relatives, and even other kids they barely know.

Remember the stress, the uncontrolled behavior, the melt-downs from prior years? Plan now for a Happier and more Mannerly Holiday Season by joining The PoliteChild for a two-session Holiday Manners class where we will help you with these common holiday scenarios:

Part I

Dealing with Kids’ Dress Up
Managing Parties with Polish

Part II

Holiday Dining
Gift Giving & Receiving

Join us for one or both of these one-hour parent/child sessions. The cost is $35/individual class or $60/both. With our solid and time-tested tips, we guarantee you’ll have a more peaceful and joyous holiday season. We have openings at our two classes offered in the evening at the Redmond Community Center, December 4th and 11th. Visit the website at www.politechild.com or call us to register or to ask about locations and times in your area.

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 Chestnut Hill Academy
 The Meridian School
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 Bothell Family YMCA

...and more coming soon!
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Tips for a Happier Thanksgiving
Be Thankful – The holidays can be a stressful time for all. Remember that everyone has differences and appreciate the time you can spend together.
Plan an activity
– It may be easier to handle
lengthy time spent with friends and relatives if you have an activity you can do together. Maybe you could do a puzzle together while the turkey roasts, or have everyone bring their holiday cards and hold a mass-signing party! Time will fly, and you’ll have more good memories to remember next year.
Limit “adult time” for kids – Don’t expect the children to hang out with the adults the entire day. Let them burn off some energy or relax doing things THEY enjoy doing.
Consider a kids’ table – Children have a hard time sitting still while the adults linger over the interminable cup of coffee. Let the kids sit at the own table where they can laugh and joke with one another. For the younger ones, consider covering the table with brown or white butcher paper and providing crayons for them to color their own festive tablecloth, placemats, or holiday decorations. They’ll have fun, and you’ll have (some) peace!
Don’t Expect Perfection – So what if the turkey is dry – that’s what gravy is for! Practice being gracious by NOT expecting perfection and then being disappointed if something goes wrong. The holidays are about time spent together, not gastronomic wonders! Worst case you’ll have something new to laugh over next year!
For More Tips - see the recent artic on the le in The Atlantic City Press featuring The Polite Child.
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