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  • October, 2009
    Helping "disheartened" teachers, Got Stimulus -- Get SocialSmarts, Donation to Rotary International Foundation, Holiday Manners classes, and more
  • September, 2009
    Longer Days Do Not Mean Better Learning, Principals' and Parents' Survey Results Released, Fall Classes starting up, Got Manners T-Shirts, and more
  • August, 2009
    The Need to Get More Education from Less, Results of Principals' Survey, New SocialSmarts Information Video, Book Review: "Bullies Never Win," and more...
  • July 2009
    Making real changes to education: There's a hole in the bucket, Using Fund-an-item campaigns to generate extra education dollars, Free SocialSmarts in Schools - Expanding the offer, Let your voice be heard through our surveys, ...and more
  • June 2009
    Really "solving" the Bullying problem in schools, Update on Rotary Program, Q&A with Jean Twenge, PhD on "The Narcissism Epidemic," Help Build Momentum, ...and more
  • May 2009
    $1M to Save 5000 Failing Schools, Recent Feedback on our courses, Update on Rotary Program, Developing your child's conversation skills, Help Wanted, ...and more
  • April 2009
    Effective Use of Education Stimulus Dollars, Schools using SocialSmarts out-perform non-SocialSmarts schools, Special offer for Rotary and other service clubs...and more
  • November 2007
    Voting for Better Education
  • Early Fall 2007
    Teachers and Students: Ready for a (Politer) School Year?
  • Fall 2006
  • June/July 2006
  • May 2006
    "Reform" still lacking this "R"
  • February 2006
    Manners in our Forefathers? Day
  • January 2006
    It's Just a Phone Call!
  • Holiday 2005 Edition
    Holiday Thoughts That Are Sure to Grow On You!
  • October 2005
    The Rudeness Pandemic
  • September 2005
    Not Academics OR Social Skills
  • June/July 2005
    Manners not on Vacation
  • May 2005
    Students Embracing PoliteChild Programs
  • April 2005
    Lawsuits Won't Improve Education
  • March 2005
    Social Skills and School Violence
  • February 2005
    Independent Proof: PoliteChild® works!
  • January 2005
    Starting off the New Year Right
  • December 2004
    Holidays with a Heart
  • November 2004
    An Attitude of Gratitude
  • October 2004
    When we fall short of ideals
  • September 2004
    Truancy and What to do About it
  • August 2004
    Improving Student Academic Achievement
  • June-July 2004
    Stopping, or Preventing, Bullying?
  • May 2004
    Have We Finally Had Enough?
  • March 2004
    New Starts for Spring
  • January 2004
    What's in a Name?
  • December 2003
    Making a Difference
  • November 2003
    Happy ThanksGiving
  • October 2003
    Wanted: Educator's Biggest Issues
  • September 2003
    Children's Good Manners Month
  • August 2003
    Getting Ready for School
  • June 2003
    Summer Social Skills Improvement Ideas
  • May 2003
    Help With Grant Funding
  • April 2003
    No Child Left Behind; War and the Golden Rule
  • March 2003
    Challenges and Duties of a Playdate Host
  • January 2003
    New Year's Resolutions
  • December 2002
    First Annual Bah Humbug! Award
  • November 2002
    Tips for a Happier Thanksgiving
  • October 2002
    What's YOUR Social Headache?

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