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Resources for Public Schools

PoliteChild® courses for public schools are intrinsically designed to capture the attention and interest of the student in age-appropriate ways. Our curriculum combines conceptual instruction with hands-on activities and other engaging teaching techniques. Key concepts address the full-range of social skills education including anti-bullying (focused on prevention), character education, social behavior, and more.

While schools are struggling to squeeze as much academic learning as possible into a limited school day in order to fulfill more stringent levels of student achievement, a significant amount of that time can be lost due to behavioral issues in the classroom, student inattention, disrespectful attitudes or bullying, disciplinary actions, and even parent accountability problems.

This loss of productive learning time is a legitimate concern. According to a report published in April, 2003 by the group Public Agenda:

“43% of public school teachers spend more time managing social conduct in the classroom than they do teaching.“

Even if that figure seems high for your particular school or district, everyone still feels the effects of even a few students, parents, and sometimes even educators, who are not able to consistently conduct themselves in an appropriate, constructive way. See how the SocialSmarts courses can help you...

  • Reduce the amount of time lost on behavioral management
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Increase the amount of productive learning time
  • Improve overall school culture including student and teacher morale
  • Increase academic achievement and test scores (as much as 10-13% or more in the first year alone)
  • ...and even extend these changes beyond the school, into the community.

The following are links to specific pages that can help answer many of your questions about our courses, the impressive results, feedback, research and additional resources.


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