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What People Are Saying...
"It's restoring sanity to the schools."
—Darlene Dolan, assistant superintendent in Desert Sands Unified School District, Indio, California

At SocialSmarts, we are very proud of the success our program has had. We have a satisfaction rate of over 95%, based on evaluations received from parents, teachers, and students. See what some of them are saying about our classes and our results.

New Letter!!  Principal Miles Harvey, of Lincoln Elementary in Kansas, shares the impact SocialSmarts has made on his school and why they are now expanding the program district-wide.


New Video!! See what Kelly Turner, a teacher at Andrus Elementary School recently had to   say about SocialSmarts in her school. Click on image to launch.




New Audio!! Listen to what Darlene Dolan, former Assistant Superintendent of Desert Sands Unified School District says about the impact SocialSmarts made in several schools within her District. Click on image to launch.

Letters From Our Clients

As Reported in the Media

A complete list of media features can be found on our News and Events page.


See what a school principal, a parent, and several kids have to say about The PoliteChild in two televised news stories aired on September 5, 2003.

(video courtesy KMIR, Palm Springs, CA)

What Parents and Caregivers are Saying

“Thank you... The class was great! My daughter thoroughly enjoyed it and is using her newly acquired skills.” - Teresa B., Woodinville, WA, about our 'Tweens SocialSmarts™ class

“If every classroom in the U.S. had this program we would not have all the disruption, etc. in our schools and maybe we could change the trend of our young people's behaviors outside of school. Schools could once again be a place for learning.”- BLM, Seattle, WA

“The first class was well worth the cost of the whole course!” - Parent of a Chestnut Hill Academy student, Bellevue, WA

“I think this is a terrific class for neighborhoods. What a great way for parents to collectively support polite behavior in our communities.”- Colleen W. of Woodinville, WA, mother of two PoliteChild students

“Elementary schools should offer this!” - Woodinville parent of 5-year old son who attended the program

“As a counselor with the Edmonds School District for the last three years, and a practicing youth counselor in both King and Snohomish Counties for the last 12 years, I highly recommend this course for any parent trying to build a solid foundation for personal growth and healthy interpersonal relationships in their child.”- Margaret Smith, professional educator/counselor and parent of 5-year old daughter who attended the program

“I loved the course! My granddaughter looked forward to coming to class and learning. [As a result of the course] she was more aware of how her actions affect others.” - Grandmother of 7-year old girl who attended the program

Corrine Gregory
Scott Eklund/Seattle Post-Intelligencer

What Educators are Saying

“Parents tell us that they chose our school because of PoliteChild.” - Holly Denman, Principal, Cascade Heights Charter School, Oregon

“We recommend the PoliteChild program if you believe students need social skills to succeed in today's society.” - Kathy Felci, Principal, Dr. Carreon Academy, California

“We are into our fourth lesson here at Lakeview. Things are going really well and we are seeing big changes in our students. All the staff have noticed how much more respectful our students are. " - Janice Heid, Principal, Lakeview Elementary School, Kirkland, WA

“The PoliteChild program has been an important piece of our Marywood's character building program for over four years.” - Vincent E. Downey, Headmaster, Marywood Country Day School, California

“It's restoring sanity to the schools.” - Darlene Dolan, assistant superintendent in Desert Sands Unified School District, Indio, California

“It's my favorite program.” - Darlene Dolan

"They treat each other with respect, they treat their principal and teachers with respect.” - Darlene Dolan

Video Testimony from Maria Salazar, a public school teacher who teaches The PoliteChild at Dr. Carreon Academy in Rancho Mirage, CA. Recorded on January 26, 2004, right after a PoliteChild class was dismissed for the day.

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“This program is great! It is very appropriate and well-organized.” - A Montessori-certified early childhood educator

“I’m hearing a lot of ‘good mornings, thank you, please and excuse me’ on the field and I can’t believe its happening so widely across the campus…all kids grades 1 – 5 seem to really be acting on these new learnings.” - A public school PE teacher

“Children are entering my reading group and walking through and around each other asking to be excused and carefully considering their other classmates.” - A 2nd grade teacher in a public school

“Let’s talk about the 3 Cs…….. and then let’s figure out whether our problems in class have to do with us not being able to be considerate, compassionate or caring.” - A public school 5th grade teacher

School Teachers on PoliteChild Training

Testimonials offered by school teachers after receiving training on how to teach the PoliteChild classes...

"This program isn't another abstract character program -- it's about manners! I think it will work well in our school and I'm excited to see the change. " - Teacher, Corsini Elementary School, Desert Hot Springs, CA

"The materials, practical and usable, cover a vast array of situations. Appears very positive, focusing on a 'work in progress'." - P.M., Classroom teacher, 1st grade

"I value the organization of the program and the apparent ease at which it could be implemented. I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. I feel many problems which impede instruction would be solved." - L.B., 4th grade public school teacher

"It is becoming apparent schools are increasingly being asked to take on the role of teaching manners, morals, etc. I value a program that encompasses the big picture and the steps and guidance to do that. Thank you for a workshop where I can come away with ideas to begin with." - Teacher, 5th grade

"Great job. The concept and materials are great! Thanks for coming!" - D.K., Public Elementary school principal, CA

"Thank you for caring about raising the next generation to be polite." - B.H., Public school 2nd grade teacher

"Thanks so much for your great examples and nice flowing day! My next steps will be to try to implement some of these ideas in my guidance lessons." - J.M., Elementary school counselor

Corinne Gregory
Scott Eklund/Seattle Post-Intelligencer

What Our Students are Saying

A statement presented at the May 3rd School Board meeting at Desert Sands Unified School District by a 5th grade student from Dr. Carreon Academy, Indio CA

“I like going to Dr. Carreon Academy because we have programs here like PoliteChild and that will help to get into a better school or a better job someday.” - A 4th grade public school student in Indio, California

“I like going to Dr. Carreon because we learn more about being responsible and courteous.” - A 3rd grade student

“If you don't use good manners, you won't have any friends and people won't like you.” - A 3rd grade student

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