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Why Teach Social Skills

Many people believe that learning good manners and proper conduct is old-fashioned and unnecessary. But, the reality is that developing strong social skills and good character (of which teaching good manners and etiquette is only a part) is more important now than ever. Having children learn appropriate conduct and social skills is critical for developing self-esteem and self-confidence in all social situations - which will become even more important as these children grow into adults entering the professional world.

  • An April 2003 report by the research group Public Agenda showed that 43 percent of teachers in public schools spend more time on dealing with behavioral issues than they do teaching.
  • A 1999 poll by ABC NEWS/World News Tonight reported that 73 percent of Americans thought manners were worse than 20 or 30 years ago.
  • According to the National Association of Elementary School Principals, lack of good manners is a growing problem in classrooms and playgrounds.
  • Bullying in schools is at epidemic levels in spite of all the emphasis on "anti-bullying."  One-in-four students stand a chance of being a victim of school-based violence before they hit high school, and if they are ages 12-18, a full third report either having been bullied or being the bully.
  • Several recent studies conducted by Harvard University, Stanford Research Institute, and the Carnegie Foundation showed that 85% of our future success depends on social skills.
  • The biggest complaint employers have these days about new hires is not that they aren't smart enough, but that they lack the "soft skills" they need to be successful in the working environment.


Additionally, recent studies have shown conclusively that broad-based socials skills education in the classroom results in an 11 percentile point increase in academic test scores.

We all want to be liked and respected, and be able to get along with others. Having and using positive social skills paves the way for an easier, more successful life in all areas.

SocialSmart's unique brand of interactive teaching provides students with the tools they need to become at ease and adept at managing everyday interpersonal interactions as well as special circumstances. They also develop the character foundations they need that help them understand not only what behavior is expected or appropriate, but why it matters.

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